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Sat, Jan. 21st, 2006, 10:48 pm
margarks: After glow?

Continued from here.

Cool air rushed over Wesley's form and made him shiver. He blinked sleepy eyes back open and searched the darkened room for Giles as he pulled the covers back up. "Love? Come back to bed." Wesley called softly.

Sun, Jan. 22nd, 2006 06:01 am (UTC)

"No, love," Wesley rose on one elbow so that he could look down into Giles' eyes. "All I need is you. I'm sorry if I made you think otherwise. But I don't want you to believe that there's anything we've done together that I regret. Because there isn't. And I wish that you wouldn't either. I enjoy your aggressiveness, but if we were never to make love like that again, I wouldn't complain so long as I still had you." Wesley blushed and ducked his head when he realized how fanciful and effeminate his words had been.